Jag World Wide Imports

We just keep growing.... and growing... and growing

A unique environment provides our product the most optimal growing conditions possible, where the high elevation gives steady day time temperatures of 70-85°F. We work with experienced growers to take advantage
of this perfect climate 12 months of the year.

We're committed to YEAR ROUND production that your consumers can rely on. To ensure we're able to meet this commitment, it's important to have first hand control over  the growing process. Our on site nursery gives us the ability to carefully nurture each individual plant from seed to stalk, until they are ready to move to the green house. Then, new segments are reseeded every 2-4 weeks to prevent any supply interruption.


The Main Attraction

JAG is happy to serve you from 200 Acres of the most High Tech Hydroponic Greenhouses on the planet. Here, dedicated growers work around the clock to ensure every plant has the ideal humidity, temperature, and nutritional balance  to deliver a level of consistency unparalleled in the industry.

These greenhouses produce only non-GMO fruit and vegetables, grown without any toxic chemical products, or other harmful agents.
We deliver hearty, nutrient rich foods that don't leave you guessing.


Committed to Excellence

We employ best growing practices, maintaining the strictest regulations in sanitation, and workplace health & safety

We are committed to continuously looking for new ways to exceed our community and environmental obligations; constantly investigating and implementing new technologies and practices to further our sustainability goals, while maintaining the highest level of employee expertise in the region.

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