200 acres - high tecH hydroponic - 365 days

Making the Switch to Farm Direct:

Here at JAG, we don't think there should be ANY mystery when it comes to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

All of our items are grown in one location year round.  This means that when you see the JAG label, you know you're getting the  product you're used to, from the farm that you trust. But don't just take our word for it.....

The Sweet, the Crisp, and the Crunchy

Whether you're preparing a ten course epicurean extravaganza or a quick snack for the kids, with JAG's all star lineup, you can always count on a home run.

Let's Chat

In an ever more rapidly changing field, it's more important that ever to keep your team on the cutting edge of industry and market information.

With decades of experience, JAG's team is always standing ready to respond to your inquiries, suggestions, and feedback.