Jag World Wide Imports

Specialty tomatoes


We offer a variety of specialty tomatoes in various packs.
While they're a diverse bunch, all are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, lycopene, and fiber.
As with all tomatoes, they are best stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. 

Grape Tomatoes

Small, sweet, and snackable, our Grapes are the perfect tomato to sprinkle over a salad, or skewer for the grill. Available in red, yellow, and orange. 

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherries are sweet like the Grape tomato, but large enough to be stuffed. These extra juicy little tomatoes have a high water content, and are famous for squirting when bitten. Watch out!

Cocktail Tomato

Packed loose or on-the-Vine, cocktails are a sweet, low acid tomato, slightly larger than a cherry. Their sweetness makes them a great snack, or a great addition to any salsa or bruschetta.

Tomato Medley

A mixed pack of your favorites, where every bite is different than the last.
Add colorful excitement to salad, salsas,  sauces and more!